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Benjamin Franklin is attributed with the saying ‘ If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. An adage that carries weight, for good reason. Benjamin was an American polymath, founding father of the United States, and a major figure in the American Enlightenment and the history of Physics.


What does this have to do with trust? Your receptivity is directly related to your trust in the source. A Ben Franklin maxim is therefore a perfectly trustworthy way to begin.


Let’s start by considering relationship.


In order to know, we have to experience. In order to experience, there has to be two. A subject and an object of experience. 


We are always conscious of two. Our self and the other. The other may be animate or inanimate, but we are always conscious of a subject and an object. Even when observing ourselves, there's a separation between the body and the observer.


To relate means to make, or show, a connection between things. When there’s more than one, a relationship exists between entities. When there’s only one, there can be no relationship. So one needs to be divided, in order for relationship to occur. We are only able to understand our connection, by experience, when we are divided.


What is it that keeps everything connected, what is the quality of the primary relationship between all things? What is the substance that binds us?


All Life in the Universe is bound together in a relationship of Trust.


Trust exists between all things, in order for existence to unfold. Before an interaction can occur, irrespective of the objective, there has to be a degree of trust. This holds true whether we consider a relationship between a child and it’s mother, between partners, or between a flower and the stem from which it blooms. 


Growth is made possible when there is a relationship of trust.




Trust in existence is rooted in a deep trust in our self. The quality of our Life is influenced by the quality of our relationships. Trust is the primary quality of relationship, so a fundamental trust in our self is at the core of a harmonious experience.


Trust is the cornerstone of growth and development.


Personal Development requires trust in our self and our ability to achieve the objective, and a trust in the process required to reach the goal.


When we select a goal to move toward, we form a relationship, a bond, with the outcome. The primary bond between the individual and the outcome must be a relationship of trust, in order for the goal to be achieved.


Working toward a goal requires a process, and there must be trust in the process, for it to be effective. When we seek out a performance coach or trainer, to assist in achieving the objective, there has to be a bond of trust between the teacher and the student for the empowerment process to be of any value.


Doubt may arise when the goal appears to be hard to achieve, and trust in the self may diminish with perceived failure. Remember that there is in fact a relationship between achievement and trusting your self, but it’s exactly the opposite. Objectives are achieved when we begin to trust our self and trust our direction.


Trust in our self is not predicated on achieving a goal, but trust in our self is pre-requisite for achieving a goal.


Trust interprets all outcomes as part of a necessary process of development, that will eventually lead to the most beneficial outcome, for our self and for the whole. This holistic point of view forms a bond between our personal development and the whole. 


We become more receptive to the idea that things unfold as they should, when they should, in order to maintain balance. We're less fixated on the urgency of progress, and enjoy the process moment by moment.


The final destination of life is death, but we're not fixated on the urgency of reaching the goal. Instead we'd prefer to appreciate the experience fully, prior to reaching the destination.


You are the source of your ambition and you are the goal. The source is the ultimate goal. So all goals are leading us to an understanding of our self.


A river flows toward the ocean, which is the source of the rain, which in turn becomes the river.


From the moment you draw your first breath to the moment you breathe your last, you are sustained by your unconscious trust in every breath that you take.


Trust is from the Heart. 


- Let Trust Be -


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